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5 Shows Worth Watching For Their Art Styles Alone

When watching anime, the viewer usually chooses a particular series based on one of three reason (or any combination of them). One: The show has a good storyline and was recommended to them, two: The show has phenomenal voice acting, or three: The animation or art style is unique and brings about new ideas. This third idea can be applied to many new as well as old anime movies such as Appleseed with its unusual 3D CGI in a heavy 2D area, and Genkutsuou: The Count of Monte Cristo with its highly unusual way of styling layers of textures into digital animation, literally making the colors jump out as they contrast with the original drawings of the characters. In the world of anime, you can have a good story and a good voice team, but without the art behind to support it, then the show simply falls flat at the first step. This is a list of five shows, each of which has a spectacular and wholly unique art style.

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