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Naruto Shippuden October 2013 Schedule

Sasuke and Itachi, in October 2013, the Uchiha brothers reunite on Naruto Shippuden! They team up for the first time ever to face a foe like no other in Kabuto, who taps into the power of Dragon Sage Mode. Saiyan Island predicts the month will cover Naruto manga chapters 577 to 584 and have surprising revelations, a look into Kabuto’s past, and a whole lot of exciting ninja action. Plus, episode 333 will kick with a brand new opening and ending theme! Check out the Naruto Shippuden October 2013 schedule, which is comprised of four new canon episodes!

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tayz1703d ago (Edited 1703d ago )

month will be epic! bw the pic should have sasuke, itachi, and kabuto!

Ninte1702d ago

Just no more fillers please :)

King-Prodigy-X1702d ago

Their getting close to Kabuto part and he has flashbacks in his part. I'm probably going to skip his flashbacks and wait till Sasuke and Itachi fight him to watch the anime.

DEATHxTHExKIDx1702d ago

I didnt even rlly like itachi/sauske vs Kabuto in the manga.