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FLCL Returns To Toonami

Frank Inglese Writes:

We’ve just heard that the short yet incredibly epic Anime series FLCL (Fooly Cooly) will be returning to Cartoon Network’s Toonami in October! FLCL will be taking IGPX’s place, time spot and all, after the racing Anime’s finale on October the 19th, there will be a double episode that night.

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koga881695d ago

I'll probably be the minority here, but really? Out of all of the shows they could possibly stick in here, they go with FLCL which, while good, ran its course years ago.

They've replayed this series more than Bebop thanks to how short it is. You're telling me that there is nothing else they could have put there instead? Nothing new or maybe at least something that hasn't been there in forever and has more than six episodes? Outlaw Star was just re-licensed and we haven't seen that in forever, or how about YuYu Hakusho. Sure they are also old but at least they have more longevity and weren't completely overkilled.

Subby1695d ago (Edited 1695d ago )

How about other lesser, old-ish shows like Black Lagoon, Madlax etc. FLCL, Cowboy and GitS are done to absolute death and do the medium no favours. Then again, I don't watch Toonami as I have no pay-TV and wouldn't have any incentive to with these overdone shows. Keep the gritty oldies theme going but throw some variety in there.