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Have You Seen? ... Accel World

The amount of anime shows and franchises that are currently available for viewers to watch nowadays are of an extortionate amount and this figure is growing by the day as new series’ get the green light for production to start. However, with this extensive library to choose from we often find ourselves unable to decide on what to watch and when we do decide on a series that has caught our attention, it turns out to be the worst show ever made. However, amongst this vast amount of sub-standard anime there a few gems, one of these being … Accel World.

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Are_The_MaDNess1727d ago

seen it and i love it!!! one of the better Animes out there i think. a really good mix between fighting and future tech. love drama and proxy battles.

love it alot.
maybe i love it so much because the main character is so alike me and my personality. everything is the same really, and that makes me really connected with him and what he is doing. the series made me shed a tear more than once and the girls in the series is amazing in their own way aswell.

Tony-Red-Grave1727d ago

I love the show hate the MC. Not because and no because he's short it's simply because of his DAMN PERSONLITY!Like being fat and short weren't bad, not that they are it's just bad when their combined with that submissive personality. It makes the action hard to get to.

To bad they didn't air the arc after the last one though. Seems like things really start to pick up after the arc the anime ended on.