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Attack on Titan Has Finished, But the Games Are Just Beginning

Attack on Titan has finished its TV run, and with no second anime announced, many of you are likely already jonesing for your colossus-killing fix. But don't worry. Not only is there the manga to read, but also no less than seven official games are either out or on the way.

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worldwidegaming1534d ago

Wow! Already over and the manga is still going...
Oh well, its a good read!

tayz1534d ago

i have to watch this show. hearing so much about it, must be good

Ame_No_Shiryuu1534d ago

I recommend you to watch the anime, don't read the manga.., trust me!

Shadonic1534d ago

wtf the manga is awesome.

Lavalamp1534d ago

I don't think he can go wrong either way. The anime is a great adaption and choosing to watch it comes with the added bonus of having all of the action animated. Though, it's noticeable just how stretched out the narrative can be, since they were trying to adapt half a chapter per episode. But that can be somewhat alleviated now that all of the episodes have aired, allowing tayz the luxury of marathoning them at his leisure.

Lovable1534d ago

The anime is too faithful with the manga. It's technically manga in a form of anime with every details put in it unlike others...

Hergula1534d ago

Im not that excited for the games, but the anime is impossible to stop watching.

Shadonic1534d ago

look up the attack on titan tribute game it makes all the ones shown look like bad cash ins.

xXx19901534d ago

after 25 episodes its very possible to stop watching

Hergula1533d ago

possible? of course, but I am just saying that I am re-watching the earlier episodes all the time almost, they are just so damn good.