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Attack On Titan - Official 3D Maneuver Gear

Frank Inglese Writes:

It is quite amazing, Attack On Titan has made such an impact on the Anime world and it’s audiences in such a huge way. The Anime got incredible reception, the Manga has begun selling better than it had previously and the amount of merchandise that has been designed, developed and sold is nothing short of fantastic! Ever since Episode 1/Chapter 1 of the series, fans have fantasized about having their own 3D Maneuver Gear to zip around their cities or towns, some fans have even made working models of the Gears, obviously they weren’t so exact as to hoist humans into the air but they were “working”. I’ve got some good news for all you die-hard fans of the series: It was only recently announced that an Officially made and released 3D Maneuver Gear is set for release sometime in 2014.

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