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Fallen from Grace: Final Fantasy

Ever since the release of Final Fantasy XI, things just haven’t been the same for this king title of JRPGs. While the games certainly still sell, reception and legacy of the games have suffered. What happened that caused this king of games to fall from grace?

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Nemesis45671685d ago

With the loss of Hironobu Sakaguchi and Nobuo Uematsu. This was bound to happen to Square. Let's just hope that Final Fantasy XV can finally bring it back on top. Nomura promises a new but traditional Final Fantasy, and that kind of puts me at ease. Plus after seeing the trailer and footage, I don't feel as disappointed and depressed as I did when I first saw gameplay of Final Fantasy XIII's footage.(Another good sign). All we can do is be patient, hope, and wait. I would hate for a franchise with such history to be remembered in a poor light.

Flavor1685d ago

Its not final fantasy it is the entire japanese gaming industry and culture. It crashed, the poor bastards simply cannot compete with western developers once a western console was established.

Aleithian1685d ago

Sadly, I fear that this may be the case.