5 Reasons Why ‘Attack on Titan’ Is So Popular

Every anime fan is talking about it. Every anime fan is watching it. The question is: why?

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DivineHand1251717d ago (Edited 1717d ago )

I Think each of us sees something different in this series because I think it is one of the best anime series I have seen so far but not for the reasons listed in this article. I like it because of the following:

1) Original Story for an anime - We are used to hearing stories of man eating giants as kids but its nice to finally see an anime take an interesting spin on those stories.

2) Music - The music in this series was just epic and continued to add new tracks throughout the series.

3) Unpredictability - You might predict that the story is going to progress in a certain way but something new gets introduced that mixes things up in a good way. I like shows that adds new things to keep me interested.

4) Art - The art work was very detailed; comparable to movies maybe with very good use of shadows to show lighting.

5) Developing powers - I don't want to spoil anything but like popular shonen series, one of the main characters gains an ability that allows mankind to have a chance against the Titans.

bitboi1717d ago

completley agree with everything you've said. Especially what you've said about the music. It's perfectlyy fitting and epic.

Simon_Brezhnev1716d ago

You cant compare it to a shonen because its not. It's a seinen.

The art is not all that in the manga its ok. They changed it for the anime.

The composer for the show is my all time favorite japanese composer Hiroyuki Sawano.

DivineHand1251716d ago

I didn't mean it was shonen. What i was trying to say is that it borrowed something from shonen anime that added an extra level of interest.

I just saw a few pages from the manga not too long ago and the art looked like something from those old novels from 1970 something that looked like it was drawn with a pencil but it does have more detail when it comes to shading than some modern manga art. I don't think they changed the art in the anime because all the characters and scenes looks the same way they did in the manga just with more detail.

Varodor1717d ago

at number 3 is Lack of fan service LOOOOOOOL

cr33ping_death1717d ago (Edited 1717d ago )

When i first saw the AoT anime it instantly reminded me of a story i read back in the fifth grade 25 years ago.... Big Friendly Giant.... A boy befriends a giant who is 50 feet tall who warns the boy of 100 feet man eating giants.... Well nostalgia aside this anime was incredible. Got my Mikasa and Levi PVC figures on preorder.

The Killer1717d ago (Edited 1717d ago )

One of the main reasons who AoT is good, is because they dont have stupid girls with cow breast and homos in the series, and no romantic relationships, or at least so far, and the focus is not on romance. As with other animes, it became rather obvious and pathetic that each anime has FAN service. These Fan services actually do more of a disservice than service.

if i want hentai i know where to go, and i dont want to see hentai girls in all animes! what will the young think of girls in real life who has normal breast size? what they will think of girls in general? sexual tools? dolls? no wonder why doll girls in japan are the most popular compared to other countries. those men who buy girl dolls are victims of the anime propaganda of female characters.

AoT is a good anime that i havent seen like it for long time. it is clear on its objective, that is, the survival of human race against the mysterious titans and the revenge of Eren, with some special powers and twists.

i think other animes should take heed from AoT.

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