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What Attack on Titan’s Sales Mean For the Anime Market

On Sunday, Anime News Network reported that Attack on Titan passed 25 million copies in circulation in Japan. To celebrate, parent publication Bessatsu Shonen Magazine will offer a pair of QUO cards to its readers. Tracking company Oricon estimates that the Attack on Titan manga sold 20.38 million copies in Japan as of September 8, 2013. All eleven volumes regularly appear in the company’s top 50 weekly sellers.

Attack on Titan‘s incredible sales can be seen as a testament to the brand as a whole. It’s a title that’s enraptured anime fans of all stripes, and caught the attention of those who don’t normally watch anime or read manga.

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DEATHxTHExKIDx1686d ago

cant w8 to buy the show when it comes stateside. Maybe it will even air on Toonami.

The Killer1685d ago

Indeed, this anime is amazing. i thank the developers for not screwing it with love or hentai girls with cow breasts.