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Hakuoki – Demon of the Fleeting Blossom – Dawn of the Shinsengumi Review [Capsule Computers]

Frank Inglese Writes:

Hakuoki – Demon of the Fleeting Blossom – has had a great deal of releases in the past, it started out as an “Otome” game title and only recently, in the past few years, has it become an actual Anime series that is now in it’s third season which, while I’m not too into what this title has to lay down, it seems as though a lot of people are. I reviewed one of the seasons that came before this one (you can read it here) which had a great deal of the “Otome” element, this one however seems to have cut that right out and it allowed me to enjoy it more than the last season despite it having flaws. Read on to get the full impression of what I felt about this release.

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KBug931711d ago

This series seems pretty Haku-OK.