Living Adv Steins;Gate Act 1 preview — the show’s a lot better than you might think [Video]


Back when the preview trailer for visual-novel-turned-stage-prod uction Living Adv Steins;Gate was first streamed on the Internet (read more about how the stage production came to be in our previous story), frankly I was a little worried that the stage actors might not be able to do the original work – one of the best time travel stories ever told in any medium – justice.

As impeccable as I’m sure their acting chops are, there was just something about the way the preview trailer looked that made the whole affair reek of cheese.

But after watching a new snippet footage trailer for the first act in Living Adv Steins;Gate, which has just been shared today on the official website for the stage production, I have to say that I’m sorely impressed!

Especially with the manner leading actor Daisuke Watanabe portrayed chuunibyou mad scientist Rintarou Okabe.

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