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Samurai Pizza Cats Collection 1 Review [Capsule Computers]

Kane Bugeja writes:

I take you back to a time of poor communication and mixed messages. A time when English dubs really didn’t have to be true to the Japanese original. Straight from this era I bring you the illustrious, the incomparable…the ridiculous Samurai Pizza Cats. In a world of semi-robotic, chibi animals, these heroes of justice and authentic Italian cuisine will save the day with a serving of sarcastic witticisms to go. Plus they’ll be there in three minutes of less…or justice is free.

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Yi-Long1706d ago

... or is it dub-only!?

Subby1706d ago

Seems like it's English dub only, and not the Japanese originals.

Yi-Long1706d ago

That's disappointing. Really loved the show growing up, but if it's missing the original Japanese voices, it's just not an option for me.

Can't believe in this day and age they still leave that stuff out. A few years ago I bought a Sherlock Hound boxset, but joy quickly turned into deep disappointment when it was dub-only. Haven't watched it. Waste of money.