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Top 5 Anime of All Time

Will has been watching anime for as long as he can remember, so it has definitely played a role in shaping my views of science fiction and writing. Today he lists his top 5 anime series or movies, and what he love about them. (Culture)

wishingW3L  +   465d ago
I agree with DBZ and Moving Castle but that's it. The rest are awful choices. Especially Gundam Wing which is one of the worst spin-off of the saga.
Lord_Sloth  +   465d ago
While I wouldn't include it on the list I wouldn't say Outlaw Star is an awful choice...
Shang-Long  +   465d ago
Why the hate on gundam wing, I love it and it's still my favourite gundam series. Why don't you like
zep  +   465d ago
seed and destiny is the worst
LordDhampire  +   465d ago
What seed and destiny were the best
Lord_Sloth  +   464d ago
I'd say SD is the worst. Destiny's actually my favorite....
LordDhampire  +   465d ago
Shut your mouth gundam wing was the shit, outlaw star is awesome to not quite top 5 quality tho...but these are like western anime
Brazz  +   464d ago
Gundam wing in that list is a joke!!

Gundam wing < Seed < original gundan < Zeta. No real fan of gundam can put Wing as the best gundam series...

my list of the best "Sci-fi"/"mecha "/"futuristic" anime.

1. tegen Toppa guren lagan.
2. Evangelion.
3. legend of the galactic heroes.
4. Zeta gundam.
5. Original Gundam (3 movies)
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BlackPrince 42  +   465d ago
This was good for a laugh.

No Bebop, no FMA, no GITS SAC.......just no.
aiBreeze  +   465d ago
Everyone has different interests. I've only seen the first six episodes of Cowboy bebop so hardly in a position to judge it as a whole but I wouldn't put it in my top five let alone anywhere near GITS SAC.

Gundam Wing was very good though. Probably the best gundam to be fair with the best characters and most interesting plot. While I wouldn't put it in my top 5, can see why someone would.
BlackPrince 42  +   464d ago
GIT SAC is fantastic, but Bebop is better. Nearly all the dialogue is conversational, rather than falling back on the anime cliche of characters talking to themselves in their heads (GITS and Death Note are big offenders here), and its themes are woven directly into the narrative structure of each episode, rather than blankly stated like in other shows.

Wing holds a lot of nostalgia value, but the main cast isn't very diverse(ex. 3/5 are quiet tough guys), and its take on political science is naive and undercooked. (You can't talk about pacifism without bringing up the Prisoner's Dilemma for example, which the show fails to do in any way.)
link2Dpast  +   465d ago
I actually think outlaw star was a damn good anime and of course DBZ. But from my perspective I can agree with his choices since 4 of them were on toonami thats where I basically got my first experience with anime. Thats probably why his list are those choices as well.
andrewer  +   465d ago
From these I only watched InuYasha and DBZ and they are surely in my top 10. But I would put in Yu Yu Hakusho, Gintama (never laughed so hard because of an anime lol), Digimon, Pokemon, Sailor Moon, Sakura Cardcaptors and Shaman King :) Gotta love'em classics haha
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johny5  +   465d ago
I really like Inyuasha but I would have replaced it with a much better and serious anime like Rurouni Kenshin and Outlaw star could have been replaced with Cowboy bebop.

although Dragonball Z is my favorite anime all respect would have to go to the original Dragonball or even more so my second favorite Anime of all time "Fists of the North Star!" because I can't tell you how many Anime copied it from street fighter all the way to Dragonball itself!

I love all Miyazaki's movies but number five should have been Spirited Away or Princess Mononoke better movies in my opinion.
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Simon_Brezhnev  +   465d ago
You can't even do a top 5 tbh. It's way too many genres. My person all time favorite anime series is Hokuto no Ken and Lupin III.
ReelKid  +   465d ago
And yet again no Steins Gate or FMA
erikthegman  +   465d ago
I'm watching Attack on Titan as I read this and its flipping brilliant
hollabox  +   465d ago
No Bleach love
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RPG1201  +   465d ago
These are some seriously horrible choices... I have TB's of anime, here we go:

1. Eureka Seven
2. Neon Genesis Evangelion
3. Welcome to the NHK
5. Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood

(These are not extremely obscure, as I now this is a younger audience's publication)
LoneWolf019  +   465d ago
trigun>outlaw star
x5exotic  +   465d ago
1. Hunter x Hunter.
cell989  +   465d ago
no Neo-evangelion genesis? no Full Metal alchemist? even friken Naruto
OmniSlashPT  +   465d ago
Hum i usually respect opinions when it comes to Top 5/10, but this list is just ridiculous lmao there are atleast a handful of animes that are without a doubt the best ever and he doesnt even mentions them. Btw, Howls Moving Castle is not an anime (atleast not a series)
AdmiralSnake  +   464d ago

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