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Battleship girls team up as Arpeggio of the Blue Steel and Kantai Collection meet each other

Several anime series like Strike Witches (war planes), Uppotte! (guns) and of course, Girls Und Panzer (tanks) have paved the way for military enthusiasts to enjoy anime and this season’s Arpeggio of the Blue Steel (battleships) is no exception.

While Arpeggio of the Blue Steel is certainly turning some heads in the anime world, another series about anthropomorphic battleship girls is taking Japan by storm in the realm of online games, and I’m not talking about World of Battleships. If you are thinking Kantai Collection, you are absolutely correct.

Both series are popular and about World War II battleships taking human form, so common fans between the two series had been wondering what would happen if both series did a cross-over. Well, they need not wonder for so long as the dream collaboration between the two has already begun!

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