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Anime of the Past: Vampire Princess Miyu: The TV Series

oprainfall writes:

"As promised last week, this week we’re taking a look at the TV series incarnation of Vampire Princess Miyu. Like the OVA, the series was animated by AIC, and was directed by Toshiki Hirano. Kenji Kawai also returned to compose the soundtrack for the series. In total, it ran for twenty-six episodes from 1997 to 1998.

Like the core staff members behind the show, the premise of Vampire Princess Miyu is much the same as its OVA form. Miyu, a vampire with the appearance of a fourteen-year-old girl, hunts down stray demons called Shinma and sends them back to the dark world using the power of her flame. She receives support from Larva, a western Shinma whom she defeated in combat, and who swore allegiance to her after their blood became mixed in battle."

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