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Hunter x Hunter to return from hiatus in December

A leaked image from next weeks issue of Weekly Shonen Jump has been making the rounds today. The image seemingly confirms the return of the long running and long-time hiatus-prone manga Hunter x Hunter.

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futurefrog1503d ago


masterabbott1503d ago

yeah took them long enough ... but glad they are finally coming back JACK!

futurefrog1503d ago

I hope it is a full return not just a one-shot special chapter like last time. We will wait and see though. Good for it to be back for now though

DEATHxTHExKIDx1503d ago

Togashi finally stopped playing Monster Hunter.

Srsly tho good news that Hiatus X Hiatus and Berserk are on there way back.

koga881502d ago

Great news that it is coming back. I thought for sure that it wasn't going to start back up until the anime caught up with the source material and would have to go on hiatus along with the manga. Though with how close things are now I bet the anime will go on hiatus next.

Zefros1502d ago

i hope anime doesn't stop, just put in filllllleeeeeeeers, and let the manga go on a bit. then start the anime again from where it left of. HxH is one of the best anime's i have seen.