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Anime You’re Probably Going To Like

Danielle was asked by friends a couple of times for recommendations of lesser known anime that are similar to their mainstream counterparts. Getting in the groove of watching anime that aren’t nearly as acclaimed as others may seem a tad daunting, but you’ll be sure to find lots of great shows when you do. So here’s a list of shows that are not too out there, which you’ll hopefully enjoy!

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Cat1657d ago

Had to read this article just for the modest "Probably" in the title. No "you should be watching", "you're going to love", "you should like", just a nice, "You should check these out because you may not have heard of them and I think they're nice." Handy list.

MidnytRain1657d ago

Maybe the author was afraid.

zerocrossing1657d ago

Haha yeah, but the title certainly got me interested ;)

Black-Helghast1657d ago

To anyone who hasn't watched Gintama, go give it a try. It's amazing.

chaosdemon091657d ago

Saw a few episodes here and there ...I'm scared it would influence my series too much so I stay away from it lol.

TXIDarkAvenger1657d ago

Which series do I start with? Do I have to watch all of them?

Black-Helghast1656d ago

I haven't watched any of the animes from that list, except Gintama which is amazingly good. You should start there.

wishingW3L1656d ago

have seen em all. Genshiken is "probably" the only one worth watching though.

Zichu1656d ago

Haven't watch Magi yet.

I tried watching Gintama a few years ago, but I couldn't get into it. I felt it was just too random, but I will give it another try considering I have watched some pretty random anime series before.

Watched all of Genshiken a few weeks ago and it's great. It changes quite a bit though in the latest season. I felt it aimed a different demographic slightly.

The next two and the last one I haven't watched.

I watched Tsuritama and that's also quite good.

r211656d ago

Genshiken 2 was great so far. Shame it was only a 12 eps. Would love more.