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Why Do Critics Hate Popular Shows?

Why are critics so against shows that are popular? Just because perfectly good shows likes SAO or Titan become popular, they have to pull at the seams and attack them? It seems mean-spirited and pointlessly non-conformist to put down shows just to look “critical.”

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D3acon1661d ago

If you mean actually reviewers then of course you get more views for going against the grain. Personally I like to go to reviewers that I feel have similar tastes.

If you just mean people on the internet, what's the point? Opinions are like anuses, everyone has one. My opinion on bleach, one piece, and naruto are very low. Sword art lnline started out perfect and fails towards the end, my opinion. Some people simply don't like it and others just want attention.

Black-Helghast1661d ago

I agree with everything you said except One Piece. Then again, it's your opinion and I respect it. I think Attack on Titan isn't as amazing as everyone says. They leave us in the dark way too long, to the point where I lost interest. Don't get me wrong, the animation and fight scenes for SnK are great but I just kinda lost interest.

JC_Denton1661d ago

I mean, Attack on Titan is an objectively bad-mediocre show. Shallow, over dramatic caricatures, ridiculous pacing, and bland artwork don't really attract much other than the mass anime crowd (Bleach, Naruto, FMA)

Yi-Long1661d ago

It's not perfect, but it's entertaining, and original. I agree with some of your criticism, but I still want to watch it and se what happens next.

Of course, there are beter animes.

Lord_Sloth1660d ago

AoT is flawless for what it tries to do, which is build a world without hope. The characters are very human and all too mortal in AoT which keeps you guessing.

As for keeping the readers in the dark for too long, I kindly redirect you to...just about any other story ever made.

JC_Denton1660d ago


Game of Thrones is an example of building a dark world perfectly. I laughed at loud several times throughout the first few episodes of AoT at how hard they were trying to shove the despair and hopelessness down the throats of the viewers (WE COULD ONLY BRING BACK HIS ARM!!!!!!!!! EVERYTHING'S HOPELESS AND I SUUUUUCK! OH, AND THE MAIN CHARACTER'S MOM IS TOTALLY GOING TO DIE LATER IN THIS EPISODE!!!! FEEL THE GENERIC EDGINESS! FEEL IT!!!). If I wanted my media spoon-fed to me, I'd waste another 134 20 minute episodes of my life on Bleach.

Thunder_God1659d ago

Lord_Sloth, some of the problems with AoT have nothing to do with what it's trying to do, any show would have these aspects as "Failures".

First, the pacing - in order to fit what content they had into 26 episodes, there was quite a lot of padding, people staring at one another, or shouting one. Word. At. A. Time. And then stare at one another some more, just to pad out the time. Defense of Trost was the worst offender by far, but they had a scene or an episode such as this even in the second half, I think if the show had been allowed to be an 18-20 episode show, it'd have benefited greatly.

Second, and this is probably as a result of the first point, which is melodrama - characters shout their lines, characters stare at one another, we get shots of Armin from below, and the camera snaps to show him from everywhere, and every line is shouted rather than spoken, as if shouting will convince us of how serious and how "real" the messages he spouts are.

You want a proper speech? Try Episode 9 of Maoyu, "I am human."

But regardless, all of this sort of misses the point Bob makes in his piece.

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Amerowolf1661d ago

Because hate and controversy attracts more readers.

True facts.

CanadianTurtle1661d ago (Edited 1661d ago )

I honestly think AoT is the best anime ever made.

By the way, do people ACTUALLY care about what anime reviewers think? I can understand people giving credit to video game reviewers and movie reviewers but "anime reviewers" aren't as big of a deal in my opinion.

admiralvic1661d ago

Popular things get more coverage, which increases the chances of someone disliking something. In addition to that, popular things tend to get over hyped and have absurd expectations, which results in many going "it's okay, but not great". Like I heard all the praise for Attack on Titan, though I do not understand why it's popular in the least.

Neckbear1661d ago

Because whatever critics say about those shows, it is true. Complaining about criticism in such a flawed and honestly crappy show like SAO is like expecting people to not say anything after seeing you take a shit right on the street.

Blacklash931661d ago (Edited 1661d ago )

"Because whatever critics say about those shows, it is true."

Blindly accepting criticism is as stupid as blindly accepting praise. Both are perfectly capable of being exaggerated and twisted by critics, as well as debated by genre fans. And opinions are very influenced by personal attitudes and preferences of what shows should be like, which two people may likely not share and thus have different experiences with these shows.

That said, I agree that SAO is a very boring show. I hope it gets replaced by Attack on Titan or Kill la Kill on Toonami, which are much more enjoyable shows for me.

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