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Poor Directing and Why I've Dropped Golden Time

White Album is the better romance this season, go watch that instead

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chaosdemon091625d ago

Too bad.. It's actually getting good now.

Thunder_God1625d ago

I've put the show on hold after 2 episodes, because for a supposedly character-driven drama, there was next to no character interaction, with characters monologuing at one another.

But, with such a show, you often need to marathon it to truly get into it, which is why it's on hold - if it's good I'll know of it after it ends, then watch it in one go. The other reason is that I don't entirely trust the all-over-the-place direction, and I've seen people say it's been "getting better" only for the next episode to be thrashed, so I'd wait until it ends and then decide - this sort of show calls for it anyway.

chaosdemon091624d ago

I can see watching this in one shot. I've been doing this with some animes that are slow. Overall this is one of my favs this season. Most of the animes storyline wise started out slow this season..all but kill la kill. That show is nuts! Lol