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Do You Drop Anime?

Do you drop anime? If so, why?

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andrewer1680d ago

I never dropped an anime. I don't like to simply drop it, that's the reason I could handle some freaking bad ones :P

ExCest1680d ago


Somehow, Panty and Stocking got me to drop in 5 sec for no particular reason.

Karin took 5 min because "Jesus, this is generic"

Somebody1679d ago (Edited 1679d ago )

Same here. As much I love anime and manga, they are too saturated with shows that feel the same, blatantly rip off each other, just a retread of the previous season or dragged too long with a lot of boring bits.

One major off putting points for me though would be the in your face main moral theme a show try to hammer into the audience. There was manga about a kid sent to a jail, forced to fight for his life but he discovered a hidden, deadly power. The art style was amazing, it was brutal and I was attracted to it instantly. Then I noticed that the main character spout the same silly moral value about friendship at the end of every episode...I gave up on it quickly. Those main running theme or moral values are important to a story because it gave a purpose for the characters but the writers should've at least weave it much more subtly, naturally instead of blatantly shouting it every episode.

ExCest1679d ago

Was that deadman? I think I remember something like that and although it didn't make me drop the show, it fell in my eyes a bit.

I'm not one to hate on shows that feel the same but Karin was just too much for me. Any joke you can make about a Shoujo show/manga, you could make with the first 5 minutes of Karin.

Somebody1679d ago

Yes, it was Deadman Wonderland.

I love it if the writers let us follow the characters and discover their convictions evolved as the story progresses. I don't like it when we are told about it at the end of each episode.

Currently I'm following Ajin and so far I like what I'm seeing. I'm just hoping it doesn't ended up like Deadman where the main character kept shouting how important family is to him.

blitzburns41680d ago

You drop it as soon as you think you won't get any enjoyment out of it. That's what Anime is for ;)

SynGamer1679d ago

If I'm not interested, or the story is going down a path that I'm not liking (entertainment-wise), then yeah, I'll watch something else. There are far too many anime out there that deserve a chance, no point in wasting my time on something I'm not enjoying.

chaosdemon091679d ago

Ya I dropped a few in my time. If its not interesting for me and I can't get into the story then ya lol. But it's rare. One that made me drop it right away was dance of the vampire bud. Lolly is cute and all but when you show her naked with a man chest I switch it off lol. I'm aware later in the manga she gets a adult form. But they already lost me with that. If your going to do Lolly vamp do it right.. Rachel from the blaz blue video game and now anime is a good example. ^^

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The story is too old to be commented.