You Should Be Watching: Hunter x Hunter (Part 3)

"Hunter x Hunter continues the terrific pacing the series has come to be known for, but not losing focus of making it too confusing or losing track of which characters are which. Their allegiance(s), their ambitions, and most importantly, their names; all of which tends to happen at near break-neck speeds, so pay close attention. As the action with the Phantom Troupe slows down (by the way, how terrific are the members in this group), Kurapika and Leorio turn their attention elsewhere, once again, to focus on their own mission(s). Kurapika continues to hunt down the scarlet eyes, and Leorio helps Gon and Killua with some paperwork and goes his own way. With the mess of the Phantom Troupe behind them, Gon and Killua return their focus to Greed Island." - Curtis Stone of Geekenstein

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Why am I reminded of Funimation?