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Marie Rose to be added to console version of Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate

It has been revealed in an interview that Marie Rose will be released for the console versions of Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate.

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koga881551d ago

Good to see that they are getting some different body types in the game, though people will probably think she's too young looking since she's flatter. Though after seeing that one image I can't help but think of her saying "jazz hands" anytime she dodges something now.

Subby1551d ago

Exactly what I was thinking, "FINALLY, a different body type in DoA!".

TheHergula1551d ago

Nothing against that... absoloutly nothing.

Klonopin1550d ago

I'm just gonna wait for the inevitable next gen port of DOA5U Arcade.

Obamanationn1550d ago

i doubt it will be ported maybe another year before we see another DoA , but should they port it PS3/PS4 versions need to be able to cross play like Vita's DoA+ and DoA5 vanilla

Klonopin1550d ago

They can only do so much with dlc and patch updates. It's highly likely they'll keep revising the arcade version like VF5 and SF4. Tecmo has already expressed interest in making a next-gen port. The arcade version released in Japan is strong evidence that Tecmo isn't done with DOA 5 yet.