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Pixel Perfect: The Sexualization of Anime

Mahou Tofu has kind of been dreading writing about this topic for a while now. It’s an issue that they're sure has been done to death, and if there were an easy answer to it all, there wouldn’t be as much lingering animosity about it. But there is and perhaps always will be differing opinions of the issue, and they're here to present theirs.

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Hergula1670d ago (Edited 1670d ago )

"Does anime impose unrealistic standards?"

Absoloutly not, as a young man myself, I find the fan service enjoyable and sometimes even complimenting to the series, adding to the overall experience in a great way. Nevertheless, I never feel like my attraction to all kinds of women changes because of unrealistic standards.

I simply feel that there is no such thing as perfection, so whether or not you are influence by the "unrealistic standard", is dependent on the person viewing the product at hand.

The same arguement could be made for men, like do I feel that too many guys in anime have the so-called perfect physical appearance? Absoloutly not, I am who I am, and I go for my own "perfection", and I don't let media change that, as it can merely only influence me, not change me.

BTW, awesome article.