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Top 10 Anime Cats

Log Horizon’s Nyanta had AngryAria thinking about cats and cat-like characters in anime. Cats are all over the place, but in some shows they end up being one of the highlights of the whole experience. With that in mind, plus knowing cat lists are the most important thing our generation has contributed to the internet, she has put together this Top 10.

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koga881657d ago

No Nyamsus or any of the cats from Nyan Koi? I am disappointed, especially since most of them aren't even cats and either transform or are cat-people.

Yi-Long1657d ago

... where the heck are the Samurai Pizza Cats...!?

ExCest1657d ago

Nyanko and Chiyo's dad are there.

I'm satisfied.

Amerowolf1657d ago

No kuroneko from Trigun? Kids these day.