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How Pokémon Battles Are More "Realistic" in the New Anime

It's a subtle change. If you're watching the new Pokémon anime, Pokemon XY, you might not have even noticed. But the battles are a little more "realistic."

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andrewer1596d ago

Still, will only come back to the series when Ash doesn't lose/almost lose to a beginner with Pikachu in the first episode. I stopped at Best Wishes, because that was really ridiculous...

FlameBaitGod1595d ago

Same, i was like ...... FKING SERIOUS ? So much battles, he should be lvl 99. A tackle should kill any starter pokemon, ridiculous how he lost imo lol

Hergula1595d ago

I am glad to read that, makes me want to check it out myself as well.

Spontogical1595d ago

Hopefully in this series, we wont be seeing Pikachu's taking down a fucking Rayquaza!

kingPoS1595d ago

I stop watching Pokemon a long long longggg time ago. They never did release the dvd's proper. Would've liked for Pokemon have a dual language dvd debut, but I suppose we all have 4kids to blame for that.