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Jtor AM Episode 10: Why is Koto on the moon?

"What time is it, everybody? GOLDEN TIME!!!

Actually it isn't, it's time for the latest episode of Jtor AM, but Golden Time is involved, so it's kind of true. This week: the Toonami people try to get us hyped about a new anime from the creators of "KOWBOI BEEBAP!!", Samurai Flamenco is still thoroughly in WTFBBQ country, a swimsuit episode for Kill La Kill is effectively impossible since no mere bathing suit could be more revealing than Ryuko's battle outfit, Linda-sempai is bad at dealing with moral dilemmas, Celia-sempai wins everything just for existing, and Sal and I fight over who gets to propose to Pierre from Kamen Rider Gaim first. Considering the fact that I'm already married, I guess Sal has the edge there, but maybe we can work something out? I really do dig that Durian Rider."

The latest episode of Japanator's weekly podcast, JTOR AM.

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