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This Galaxy Express 999 watch will take you on a journey

Eric Koziol of Japanator writes:

"File this one under “Beautiful but oh wow that price.” At about three hundred and ninety US dollars (¥39,000), this watch celebrates 60 years of Galaxy Express 999 manga artist Leiji Matsumoto. This is not some random thing either as Leiji himself supervised the watch’s design. Black and silver are available and I'd say the watch captures the feel of the series without looking tacky. Although the silver more so than the black. Not an easy task, even for a watch designed to be sold for about four hundred dollars."

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Thunder_God1629d ago

I had to read this three times to see it's not an ad, this is really not something I think is, well, interesting as such?

SynGamer1628d ago

I did a triple take and then had to read the article...not spam, but doesn't really fit within the site's usual content. Figurines and other typical merchandise makes sense, but this watch doesn't really strike me as anime or manga released, not without super-close inspection.

Not spam, but...yeah.

Sentionaut1628d ago

I mean, this is merchandise related to an anime series that was massively popular in Japan. I'm not sure how it could be misconstrued as spam if you actually read the article. Trust me, I wouldn't be posting spam.