Choo Choo! Tokkyuger's costumes and robot have arrived

Salvador G-Rodiles of Japanator writes:

"It's time to enter the railways again, because the images of Ressha Sentai Tokkyuger's heroes, giant robot, and toys are here! Based on my experience with the Sentai franchise, the Tokkyugers have one of the simplest designs in all of Super Sentai. Personally, this puts them at first place, a ranking that was once was held by the Kakurangers-- at least in my opinion.

At the moment, the designs aren't getting me hyped to see the new show in action. While I commend them for exploiting the train motif to the fullest, I'm not digging the new gear for the team. I guess my main complaint is that the locomotive theme is dominating over the designs too much. Considering that Kyoryuger's robots, suits, and gear look way better than Tokkyuger's designs, it's sad that they didn't put any much effort into making the gadgets and mechs look appealing."

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