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Attack on Titan Creator Abandoned Original Planned Ending

Attack on Titan creator Hajime Isaya revealed in an interview with that he's been evolving his manga, which includes adding new elements.

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Hergula1660d ago

Either way, I enjoyed the show.

The Killer1659d ago

solid anime and manga. i would be sad to see a quick ending, but also i wouldnt want to see bleach or naruto story stretching.

each manga chapter has so much in it, and the story and atmosphere is very unique.

i think this manga should have up to 200 chapters and thats it.

Hergula1659d ago

That is a good way to look at it, and while I have watched the anime, I will try and read most of the manga soon as well.

ZeroChaos1660d ago

Oh dear. This sounds like fame has got the better of him.

zeal0us1660d ago (Edited 1660d ago )

Sound more like its going to be another one of those unnecessary long mangas.

DEATHxTHExKIDx1659d ago

well previously he said he wanted it to end around vol 20. For a monthly series thats pretty good.

FMA ended with 27 volumes and 107 chapters
Soul eater ended with 25 volumes and 113 chapters.

Even if the ending changed I cant imagine it will be much longer than either of those series.

admiralvic1660d ago

Talk about selling out...

DEATHxTHExKIDx1660d ago

traumatizing ending sounds like he was gonna kill off a bunch of characters. Which would be interesting to see how it turned out. I'm guessing the ending will be more light hearted now with a majority of characters making it out alive.

I guess we will just have to see how it turns out. It might even turn out better. However once its over I want to know how it would have originally ended.

pompombrum1660d ago

Tbh, I was expecting a traumatizing ending. What makes Attack on Titan so great for me was the fact that anybody could die and it wouldn't be all that surprising. At the very least, I hope he compromises with a bitter sweet ending.

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