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Kill la Kill Episode 10 Impressions [Capsule Computers]

Kane Bugeja writes:

Last week we witnessed the defeat of that stalwart defender of Satsuki, the large, but no longer in charge, Ira Gamagoori. But that’s in the recent past now, no time for dwelling because now Round Two is upon us. Next in line and stepping up for his title defence is that data loving tactician from parts unknown, the hacker won’t back down…often, the mysterious and masterful Houka Inumuta. (This is the part where the crowd is supposed to cheer)

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no_more_heroes1628d ago

I'm enjoying Kill La Kill so far. Definitely not an anime buff or anything, but I'm just loving the sheer, unbridled madness that this show is. Very curious to know why Mikisugi is so worried about Senketsu.