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Final Impressions: Diabolik Lovers

Brittany Vincent of Japanator writes:

"Oh, Diabolik Lovers. I've had a time yammering on about you with Karen on the podcast appearances I've been able to make. I eagerly anticipated you each Monday because I knew I was in for some kind of awesome trainwreck each week. But there was more to it than that. Even though you did little more than parade a blonde waif around as she slowly succumbed to the primal instincts of each "hot" vampire, I became invested. I wanted answers to the several questions I had, because there were plenty. By the time you reached the twelfth episode, however, any hope I had of you setting the record straight on several different topics had vanished, leaving me with an astronomical amount of questions that I suppose will never be answered unless I actually take the plunge and play the visual novel."

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