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Guilty Crown – Collection One Review [Capsule Computers]

Frank Inglese Writes:

You know…I’m beginning to think the future isn’t going to be all that great, too many movies and series’ depict the future as something that is nice in theory but almost always turns into a dystopian hell hole and on that note I now present to you an Anime called Guilty Crown which, if you’ve seen he series, you’d know exactly what I’m talking about. It started its Anime run close to the end of 2011 and came to an end almost midway through 2012, fans loved the series for its fantastic characters, story and overall animation and even in 2013, which happens to be a massive year for great Anime titles, I feel like it still holds up in in a strong way. A comet, a plague, a dystopian future, crazy-looking weapons, mechs and a bunch of damn good characters! What else could you possibly ask for out of an Anime?

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Subby1654d ago

While I loved how this show started off, I can't say my opinion stayed the same by the end of it.

MEsoJD1653d ago

There were only a few episodes that were enjoyable(if that)... The animation was nice, but the story and characters was pretty bad. It was funny seeing how over hyped the show was on mal before it started and seeing that hype fade.

F-Inglese-941654d ago

I've been told that it looses its charm by the end. At least this much is good XD

NovusTerminus1654d ago

I loved the whole show. Both season's had different feels though.

The first season was the rebels uprising, and it did that very well, but the second season was more about him trying to rule over them, and his slip into insanity.

Seems like they wanted a season 3 though, with the whole Envoy of Da'ath thing being largely skipped over.