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Accel World Set 1 Review [Capsule Computers]

Travis Bruno of Capsule Computers writes:

"Technology has reached a point where people will freely spend hours of time playing a game on the computer, focusing on their cell phone, or simply escaping from life. Even before .hack explored the possibility of a real virtual world, many stories have explored that possibility. Although one of them reached a stunning level of popularity that overshadowed one of the writer’s earlier works, Accel World. Now that Viz has brought the first half of Accel World to North America, does Accel World deserve your attention?"

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koga881651d ago

It is a shame that this series has been overshadowed after SAO came out as I really liked this series a lot more than that one. I think it still did pretty good in Japan, at least enough to warrant a second season I hope.

Subby1651d ago

While I liked this more than SAO and looking back I'd enjoy it more in a 2nd run through, 9.5 is pretty rambunctious lol.

tayz1650d ago

oh i saw the rating and thout it was good. no watch then

Subby1650d ago

It's still good, some of the characters are pretty memorable and the ideas are cool.

yaz2881651d ago

this shit is better than SAO?! great animation, great concept and ideas .. really good start but then .. there is a lot of annoying shit. I watched 10 eps (I think) and stopped,I just couldn't .. need to return later.

Subby1651d ago

The same could be said for SAO. Great start but then it goes downhill from there, at least Haruto felt more three dimensional than Kirito who just plain boring.

DivineHand1251651d ago (Edited 1651d ago )

Guys instead of complaining about which of the two is better, go watch Log Horizon. No other anime portrays mmorpg culture better than that anime.

tayz1650d ago

might check this out since its good