Macross Frontier movies get a new box-set

Hiroko Yamamura of Japanator writes:

"If you have been a longtime listener of Japanator AM of used to watch the Live Show, you probably know how much I hate the Macross Frontier films. Sure, the first movie, Macross Frontier The Movie: The False Songstress wasn't that offensive, as it was basically a retelling of the television show. However, the second film The Wings of Goodbye brought out a whole different level of hatred from me. This is all coming from someone who loves Macross Frontier!

Well, apparently some people most love the films, as they are getting a new box-set treatment. The films will come with some interesting extra footage, and even some footage from the Playstation Home concert. There's even some fancy artwork and a lovely new box, all for a reasonable ¥14,800, and due on May 15th of 2014. The best part? The films will actually be subtitled in English!"

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