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Nominees for Japanator's best art in an anime in 2013

Ben Huber of Japanator writes:

"Art! What's it good for? Well, a lot, actually. A story can be made or broken depending on the way it's presented, and especially in anime (which is a primarily visual medium) that's a big deal! So here's our complete and comprehensive list of nominees for our category of "Best Art" this year! A small note to make: we're looking at the visuals as a whole, not just one aspect like animation or character design. The art should feel cohesive and support the show!

So taking all those things into account, what did we think were some of the shows with the best art this year? Let's dive in and take a look! Then I want you to pop into the comments and argue, because I love seeing people fight over end-of-the-year lists. It gets me in the holiday spirit!"

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