Capsule Computers Presents: The 2013 Anime of the Year Nominees

Luke Halliday writes:

"As we head towards the final days of 2013, we introduce to you the inaugural Capsule Computers Anime of the Year Awards. This is our first time ever doing an Anime of the Year Awards and we want to kick things off big. In what will become an annual awards article, we will be giving out several awards highlight some of the biggest facets of anime each year. This year in particular has been a particularly big one for anime, with countless quality anime bursting onto the scene. With so much great anime this year it is only right to celebrate the best of the best. So without further adieu, here are our nominees for the year of 2013."

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Subby1644d ago

This year was pretty crazy, no one standout title but plenty of quality anime to choose from.

Subby1644d ago

Pretty crazy and probably my favourite, but boy was everything close.

futurefrog1644d ago

Eccentric Family for anime of the year no doubt

masterabbott1644d ago

im agreeing with the frog man again.. Eccentric Family is one of the best anime i've seen all year

s45gr321643d ago

What is it about and is it available on crunchy roll or do I have to pirate it

F-Inglese-941643d ago

It's a supernatural feel good anime that revolves around a family of Tanuki who go through a crisis that could change things for them forever. It's fantastic and I couldn't recommend it more.

s45gr321643d ago

Attack on Titan wins almost every category, but come on gargantia on verdurous planet was a great anime worth mentioning not just for animation but for its score, soundtrack, and one of the best anime series for spring yet it only gets nominated for its animation that is just criminal. Also why flowers of evil was not mentioned was it due to its awkward animation or was it it's slow pace. Come on it should of gotten nominated.

F-Inglese-941643d ago

Can't win them all I guess. It's all very subjective ya know, at least it won an award :)

RockmanII71643d ago

Might just be a fanboy, but Monogatari Second Season deserves more than just a nomination for Best Animation.