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J-Stars Victory Vs – New Screenshots, Gameplay, Anison Box Art

Three new screenshots and the J-Stars Victory VS Anison Sound Edition box art from Jump Festa.

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tayz1581d ago

graphics look impressive for J-stars

CaptainYesterday1581d ago

Can't wait for this game I'm getting both PS3 and Vita versions because why not :)

tayz1580d ago

Still worth it. Would have been more good with crossplay.

CaptainYesterday1579d ago

Yeah I agree, I hope the Vita version isn't missing features or anything

Simon_Brezhnev1579d ago

I'm still sad for Kenshiro not being in the game. When his own musuo games comes out it sales pretty good even better than the Storm series. 45 year anniversary had so much potential and the messed it up. Seems like they mostly care about current manga.