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The Top 5 Anime of 2013: Punching Titans

Victor from Geek Legacy picks his top 5 anime of 2013.

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CaptainYesterday1615d ago

Oh another list with Attack on Titan as number 1 not surprising at all great show! :P

Thunder_God1615d ago

I think my list might blow your mind though :P

CaptainYesterday1615d ago

Hah really? Now you have my interest :P

Thunder_God1615d ago

You'll have to wait for it, I still have a couple of shows who ended in 2013 I want to get through, began Psycho-Pass today and will hopefully finish it today as well, and a couple more.

Well, good things are worth waiting for :P

CaptainYesterday1614d ago

I guess I will wait then, it better be good list though! And Psycho-Pass is really good :)

Thunder_God1614d ago

Comments like this are cancerous.

They put down what someone else likes, it's the equivalent of going into a comic book store, talking to other people excitedly about what you like, then someone who isn't even part of the conversation going "*Snerk*, you like /that/ show?" with a sneer on their face. Way to go about promoting dishonesty about what people like, and to put down people who express genuine excitement and love for what they like.

These shows are people's favourite lists, not truly "best", and once one keeps that in mind it makes browsing them much easier.

I could as easily go "Attack on Titan is one of the ten best shows you've watched this year? So, you've /only/ watched ten anime shows this year, surely?"

Everyone has their own tastes, and part of being a community is celebrating excitement, rather than putting it down, when it's not in the levels of rabid fandom.

Yes, I don't think this list is a list of "Top ten best shows of 2013" but rather "My top ten /favourite/ shows from 2013", there are very few lists which will actually try to make a distinction in their picks.

Mine will have some, and that's life.

And yet, your comment was completely cancerous, to the whole notions of community and discussion. You didn't even elaborate on your thought, but just threw it out there, like one throws litter out of a moving car.

Hope you're proud of your contribution.

MEsoJD1614d ago

Dude, way to over react over such a small comment. Chill man.

mr-phillips1614d ago

Good comment, but don't forget not to feed the trolls they are sub-human and will starve and die when ignored.

duplissi1614d ago

No Kill La Kill? am disappoint.