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Nominees for Japanator's best anime of 2013

Brittany Vincent of Japanator writes:

"Is it the end of the year already? Are you sure? Because I didn't conquer the universe yet. It's already December? Well, alright then. Guess it's about time to let the best anime series of 2013 to duke it out in a fight to the death then, Battle Royale style! Or, to those of you who can't get enough Jennifer Lawrence, in the style of The Hunger Games, with less ridiculous names. Peeta? Are you for real though? Is that like, supposed to be a play on "pita bread" or whatever? I don't even know what's going on there.

What I do know is this year was a great year for anime. Whether you loved or hated the series that got everyone talking, you have to admit there was a veritable cornucopia of awesomeness brewing in the anime community. We're glad to have been a part of it, and we're happy to bring you the nominees for Japanator's best anime of 2013! Wait, what's that? Who are they wearing? That's an asinine question, every single nominee is wearing a Betsey Johnson, er, skin. They're wearing human skin. Because Valvrave. Onto the nominees!"

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Hergula1607d ago

It seems that all of the nominations are simply nominated because of their storyline? Is the actual production being taken into consideration at all? The soundtrack, editing, sound effects, directing, script, the structure of the story, etc. No disrespect, I'm simply asking.

DEATHxTHExKIDx1607d ago

Satsuki dosent look like a guy