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Yotsuba & Christmas

Ben Huber of Japanator writes:

"Ho ho ho! It's Christmas time! The time of the year in which we all give each other material items to prove that our loved ones mean about as much as those items are worth! And you know what? All of you mean the world to me, so I'm giving you the world. But then again -- you are the world, you compose it, so I can't really give you to yourself, you know? So just relish in the you-ness and buff up your self-esteem a bit. That's my Christmas gift to you. You. It's like that time that Time magazine named their person of the year You. You're pretty popular, eh? Don't let anything get you down! There's plenty of other fish in the sea! And if you're not a weirdo who likes to date fish? Well, uh, then I don't know what to tell you. What does this have to do with anime again?"

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