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Naruto Manga Ending in 2014 – Maybe, Maybe Not!

Saiyan Island: Masashi Kishimoto said he might not be at Jump Festa next year, not that Naruto is ending.

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tayz1637d ago

If it can last until 2015 I will be very happy!

kingrj1636d ago (Edited 1636d ago )

Narutos been draging but this is still the Best news I've heard this month! Hard to see life after it for anime in america

TheGameTagerZ1635d ago

It's not news its an opinion piece. It's ending 2014. He said so during Jump Festa. There are a bunch of sources confirming this as well.

admiralvic1636d ago

This is a reach if I've ever seen one.

First off, just because a question exists, doesn't mean it will ever be answered and even if it was answered, it doesn't mean it will be complex. Take the different sharingan eye designs. This is something that really doesn't need to be addressed, especially in this stage of the story. A lot of your other concerns, like leaf learning the truth about Itachi, could simply be answered in an epilogue. All you really need to do is put a statue of Itachi in the leaf village and say "and the people learned of Itachi's sacrifice and history honored him". Same with Kabuto. Just throw in a panel or page with him meeting Urushi. These aren't really things that need a lot of explanation, nor are they that important to the overall point.

Remember, most, if not all stories have unanswered questions and unresolved story lines. Case in point, look no further than Hidan. His village of Yugakure we know next to nothing about. He was also the only worshiper of Jashin shown in the whole series and it was practically forgotten following his death. That doesn't mean it might become important before Madara dies, but odds are we know everything we need to know about this stuff.

In the end, all of this stuff could easily be told in 47 chapters. It could probably be told in 20 chapters and still be satisfying, since every detail doesn't need to be explained (especially in Naruto where it rarely is).

kydrice1635d ago

Once Naruto ends, I reeeeally hope they bring Bleach back.