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Zabi’s Winter Season Preview | Sekijitsu

Written by Zabi Legacy of the Sekijitsu writing Team:

It’s been a long, Autumn. It’s been an incredible Autumn. It’s been an Autumn I at times wished would never end. But, time wait for no man. Or failing at that, the large overinflated conglomerates behind the Japanese anime industry wait for no man. So instead of crying about how in a few weeks there will be no more Kyousogiga or about how maybe you’ll actually miss Meganebu once it’s gone and grab the future by your mittens!

I have compiled a list to aid in the endevour! Apparently in some corners of the internet there is something called a pre-vi-ew. This pre-vi-ew is apparently useful to people in that allows them to know what is in the thing they are about to get before they even consume it. This is naturally absurd, as I tend to blindfold myself and spin in a circle multiple times before choosing anything, but at the behest of the mythical space god Xenu, I am going to go ahead in my quest to bring the best anime new and opinions, and write one of these pre-vi-ews. Or at least I thought I was going to until I looked down and saw that one appeared magically out of thin air for me. That’s pretty metal.

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