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OniAi: Complete Series Review [Capsule Computers]

Travis Bruno of Capsule Computers writes:

"In the North American anime scene, there are a few companies that only release anime with subtitles and there are a couple that only release English dubs of their licenses. There is one that dabbles with both, but until now FUNimation was a company that would always provide every anime release with an English dub. Now for the first time ever, they are releasing an English subtitled version of the show and it just so happens to be OniAi, a series that probably never would have been released otherwise. Well, now that it has been released, is FUNimation’s first subtitle only release worth picking up?"

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koga881601d ago

I liked this series back when it aired, though I am not surprised it wasn't given a dub. Could you imagine the voice actress having to say how she wants to bang her brother? That and one of the girl's main jokes wouldn't work in English.

Subby1601d ago (Edited 1601d ago )

This show had the funniest imouto character. Loved OniAi despite the cliche.

1600d ago