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Arpeggio of Blue Steel Made Us Wish There Weren't Oceans

Just what is it about anthropomorphized ships that has us all riled up? Warning: rough seas ahead!

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TheBaseFight1600d ago

I disagree with the article. Especially the part were you mentioned it was objectifying women. The mental models are female because the ships are referred to as she's. Boats and even cars today are referred to as she's. Heck I know people personally who have named their boat after their wife! That is the boats name. In their case its honoring and showing love towards the women they love. Not objectifying them.

Now, I understand what your thinking, their weapons, objects, and female. So thats clearly objectifying women right? Well... Your twisting things a bit. They aren't human. They're mental models. So although they are female mental models, they aren't female humans. The logic behind them all being female was described strictly because the Fog created mental models for ships and knew that ships on earth were often times referred to as a her. So the mental model was female.

The show was smart to do this and I found it very interesting that they based it off of that. I personally dislike how everything is judged these days. People get bored to the point they find little things to blow up, such as calling ships, she. Which has always been the case! If ships were a sex they would be female. If I had a huge ship and had to decide a gender it would be female! If I had to name it, it would more than likely be a female name. Its been that way ever since ships were built! Either that named after a battle or commander who KIA'd.

They are weapons. But the point isnt to say "females are weapons and weapons are tools". Its that the FOG researched and found that ships were referred to as females! They always have been. Its not sexist and I've never heard of a girl being offended by it. But, again, I have heard of a girl loving it. Being named after something.

I see nothing wrong with it and I have a hard time understanding why you think this is objectifying which I find this to simply be something that is a part of history. Ships are she's. If you want to call your ship a him, go for it. But its always been referred to as a she and this is the first time I've heard someone say this was objectifying. The logic behind it isn't to objectify women -_-