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Anime4649 Review: Pale Cocoon

Pale Cocoon just might be the best little sci-fi OVA ever made. In a mere 23 minutes, Yasuhiro Yoshiura does what most fail to do in 23 hours: makes a fascinating and original point, and does it while telling a great story. Many will inevitably compare this to Voices of a Distant Star, another ambitious 20 minute sci-fi film, but unlike its well-known peer Pale Cocoon is more than flashy production values and hollow romance. This is short storytelling at its finest, and its only fault is leaving you wishing there were more.

At first glance, Pale Cocoon could be interpreted as just another environmental tale of woe. And in part, it is, several times emphasizing that humanity’s deplorable condition is its own doing, the product of run-away population growth and, presumably, global warming. But this environmental theme is only secondary, and Yoshiura’s main point is much more universal and significant. This is a film about the value of pursuing historical knowledge, even when our pa...

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SynGamer1621d ago

At only 23 minutes long, I'll definitely give this a watch. It's on Crunchyroll if anyone is interested: