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Naruto’s Apartment Has a Value of $100K

In the assessment location, size, and comparable properties were looked at.

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tayz1200d ago

If he sold his place he would be rich!

PSVita1200d ago

He always was pretty rich. Plus they make money off of each mission and since his first few turned out to be S mission instead of As or whatever he's doing pretty good.

Cernunnos1200d ago

Jiraya spent all his money though:p

kingrj1200d ago

Can't stop laughing. Showed this to a friend who likes naruto and he was like Wut da faq is this.

wishingW3L1199d ago (Edited 1199d ago )

a little expensive for how small it is. It shouldn't be more than 70k if you ask me.

ovhaum1199d ago

The insurance cover Katon Gokiaku no Jutsu Accidents?