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Attack on Titan - Final Review (Wrong Every Time)

Attack on Titan, the heavyweight of the year, a show of obvious strengths and debilitating weaknesses. Its popularity is undeniable, but how does the show itself hold up?

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Bobduh1553d ago

If you're looking for action spectacles, Titan's pretty much got you covered!

...though you better also be watching Hunter x Hunter.

Thunder_God1553d ago

You already converted two people this week, is your greed without bounds? :P

Marow1553d ago

Hunter x Hunter is always a good thing.

Shadonic1553d ago

Yes continue the conversion, soon everyone will know the way of the Hunter.

Trunkz Jr1552d ago

Yeah HXH is my fav series and deserves the love :P

Tho the pain to be a manga fan of it, the waiting and waiting >_<

SynGamer1553d ago

Attack on Titan was a visual treat, and extremely brutal, with some mature content for once that actually seemed mature, which is good.

However, the show had so many plot holes and questions left unanswered that as far as Season 1 went, I wouldn't disagree to strongly with your 6/10. I personally would race it a 7.5/10, based more-so on how entertaining it was, which is very important in an anime for me.

I can only hope that Season 2 answers questions and progresses the characters further.

Bobduh1553d ago

Yeah, it's not like I disliked the show - if I didn't have a few specific issues with its pacing, writing, and direction, I'd have rated it pretty highly. And I personally felt the second half was a lot stronger than the first, so I'm also looking forward to Season 2.

Marow1553d ago

It will take a while until a Season 2, I'm afraid. They could /possibly/ churn out a single cour now, but that would end in the middle of nowhere.

gunnerforlife1553d ago

"the show had so many plot holes and questions left unanswered" it is a manga that way more chapters... of course it is going to have plot holes and unanswered questions! just read the manga and you will see how much more MATURE the manga is , the scene where their his mum gets eaten first episode, is shown in detail!! to me the anime was sencored!

Kurylo3d1552d ago

Yea i never understood that about this anime... people die in instances and quick flashes... but later u see severed arms and legs.

Why not just show people getting torn to bits rather then make quick brief flashes. I mean its already too violent for children... why go half way with the violence.

I haven't read the manga, but honestly im hating how their nothing getting touched on for a romantic relationship between the leads other then a quick blush at the thought. Not to mention his friend "the smart one" is such a pussy and so annoying it hurts.

And obviously the part where you find out who is a titan.. I want to understand why and whats going on.. they answered nothing at all.. the entire anime I was looking for a reason behind the enemy.. and after 26 episodes there still isn't one. It has become dull rinse and repeat. Meet someone.. like someone.. watch someone get squished... its getting old.

tontontam01553d ago

LOL complain about plot holes when the story is complete.

Marow1553d ago

If only the pacing in Titan had been better... I want to like this anime, I really do, but the slowness kills it for me. Otherwise there are plenty of cool scenes, especially in the beginning of the show.

Thunder_God1553d ago

Yup, truly a show where you feel it could've been so much better had it been 20 episodes long, or even 16-18. Don't be a slave to the 13-week episode seasons, guys :3

DEATHxTHExKIDx1553d ago

I do agree on the pacing but I am fine with the epicness.

I was able to feel quite a bit emotion while I watched it.

Thunder_God1553d ago

I don't think Bob complains it's too "epic", but that all the over-the-top shouting is melodramatic rather than dramatic, shouting rather than "epic", and toning it down a bit would actually fit the mood and themes of the show better.

wishingW3L1553d ago

easily the best anime of last year considering all the trash we get these days. Moe, ecchi, slice of life and that's it.

Thunder_God1553d ago

There are some very real dramas, or quite thoughtful shows, we've had Shin Sekai Yori, Gatchaman Crowds, Kyousougiga and Uchouten Kazoku last year, not to mention Aku no Hana and Psycho-Pass, give them a whirl.

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