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Cutest Characters: Winter 2014 Edition

Cute, adorable, downright lovable. Anime brings out the cutest characters that we just enjoy watching as they are put through so many different plotlines. The Winter 2014 season of anime is no different. From poverty-stricken youngsters, to magical girls, to shape-shifting deities. Here is a tribute to the cutest characters of Winter 2014!

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Thunder_God1607d ago

Author has something for brown/red hair ;)

Zeruel1607d ago

Haha! To be honest hair color was the last thing on my mind. But to be fair, only 2 characters are red/brown. Ariel is red, Minori is brown, Kobeni is pink-orange, Inari is black, and Satone is pink. Though in the theory of hair color to personality, you may have a point with a few changes of shades. :)

Thunder_God1607d ago

I put pink, especially the darker/more orange one as a sub-set of red, in this case.

Especially since "Redheads" in real life usually refers to people with orange hair, not those with auburn or copper-red hair (aside from people who dye).