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Masashi Kishimoto Spends 135 Minutes Per Naruto Page

He spends 90 minutes to pencil and 45 minutes to an hour to ink. That means it takes around 36 hours at a minimum on every chapter.

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tayz1572d ago

this guy is amazing! i can't wait to see Kakashi's face!!

hkgamer1571d ago

36 hours of work a week, not bad I guess. I wonder how long it takes him to plan story and create draafts?

N4OGs1571d ago

to plan story and do all the other stuff it takes like 1 minute total thats why naruto anime story/plot, etc sucks so bad lol. ONE Piece for life!!! mutant pirates>ninjas all day everyday. one piece windwaker baby a link to the animes!!

hkgamer1571d ago

One Piece is amazing, but why compare? you crazy?

I would like to say that one piece and naruto post timeskip sucks. I mean what has happened in one piece post time skip? it jsut doesn't seem to have hit the highs it did pre timeskip.

xfear2diex1571d ago

if it was in the past i will belive him but with how shitty the manga become i doubt it take him less than 1 hour for a page