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5 Anime That Will Make You Cry

Some of the best anime can invoke so many emotions. Anger, fear, disgust, joy, love, and even sadness. While some may dismiss the notion of ever shedding a tear, it’s obvious that companies like Key are out to get them. So whether you want to admit it or not, here are a list of 5 anime that will tug at those tear ducts and get the waterworks going.

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D3acon1594d ago

I agree with your choices I've seen clannad and it's truly tragic. I've only heard good things about the others. I will always remember the songs song.

Zeruel1594d ago

Thanks for the feedback! I tried to avoid the obvious ones, but also can't deny they are the best at what they do. Making big babies out of us all! :D Hope you get around to checking the other out soon! They are all great!

yaz2881594d ago

clannad is a good ad for tissues lol. seriously its really something .. I gave it to my brother, and he really!! changed after watching it .. if you know what I mean.

he became more calm, and a kinder person with the family.. he rarely gets angry. and he is studying hard. you think your life is shit .. think again.

true story : )

Zeruel1594d ago

Awesome story! Glad things change for him. Thanks for sharing and the great comment.

LelouchNaruto1593d ago

Grave of fire flies enough said. I was upset for about 3 days.